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Safety Services

Risk Assessment/Safety Surveys

Conduct thorough appraisals of a company’s safety and risk management operations for your underwriting and/or loss control purposes.  The surveys cover specific transportation risk areas and are conducted according to industry accepted standarfds or customized to suit your particular needs.

Compliance Audits and Safety Reviews

Conduct comprehensive audits of a company’s operations in accordance with the standards established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, US Department of Transportation, OSHA and the US Environmental Protection Agency.  More comprehensive safety reviews include reviews of policies and procedures to manage employees and control and respond to accidents.

Accident Analysis

Statistical/Operational analysis of loss experience to determine practices that can be improved to reduce loss experience.

Loss Prevention Programs

Assistance in defining and implementing changes to prevent vehicle and injury accidents, including the monitoring and measuring of their effects after implementation.


Arranging and conducting complete training and seminar programs for drivers, maintenance personnel, administrative staff, and managers on accident and safety related topics.  Delivery options include on-site and web based.

On-board/En-route Evaluations

Evaluations of drivers, equipment, and routes either on-board or en-route to detect areas where training or operational improvements should be considered.

Federal Regulatory Insight and Consultation

Assistance in understanding and implementing Federal Safety Regulations as they apply to a company’s operations.

Expert Witness

Appearance as expert witness for court proceedings as safety expert.  See Accident Reconstruction and Litigation Support services.

For more information on any of our services, contact The Daecher Consulting Group.

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