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About Us

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We are dedicated to improving safety within the transportation industry.  Collisions and injuries are traumatic events for the people involved and their employers.  Preventing these events and the costs and risks associated with them requires a comprehensive risk control strategy and daily dedication and support from employees as well as managment.  

Once an incident does occur it is important to understand how it happened and what could have been done, if anything, to prevent it.  It is important to understand these issues from a legal liability standpoint as well as from an operations point-of-view.

And while every accident is an opportunity to prevent future occurrences, developing sound decision-making and operational processes to prevent occurrences in the first place should be the goal of everyone.

Identifying hazards and taking appropriate courses of remedial actions is not simple or easy.  Understanding risks that are inherent in operations and how to respond and protect yourself against them is critically important to the success of any operation.

Experienced Staff

Our experienced and skilled staff are dedicated to serve you in the following areas:

*  Risk management program development
*  Safety-based operational performance reviews
*  Accident reconstruction
*  Expert witness testimony
*  Commercial vehicle operations safety service
*  Worksite/OSHA consultation and safety services
*  USDOT, OSHA & EPA regulatory compliance for transportation operations
*  Training of drivers, mechanics, employees and management
*  Safety and security program assessment and training
*  Analysis and responses to USDOT/State Compliance Reviews of motor carriers

Our Staff is nationally recognized in the safety field.  We consult with national organizations, provide expertise in safety-based projects for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, conduct training and seminar presentations to various groups across the country, and provide consulting services to commercial vehicle operatiors, insurance companies, law firms, and other organizations.

While we are always willing to meet any specific need that you may have, we seek to establish and develop long term relationships with our customers.  Our passion for quality and efficiency in the delivery of our services make us eager to form partnerships with those who seek true value.  And we are committed to earning the privilege of our partnership every time we perform services for you.