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Litigation Support

Once the actual sequence of events of an accident are determined there are other factors which need to be evaluated in analyzing its occurrence.  Beyond the actual accident investigation and reconstruction phase we have expertise which allows us to analyze various areas surrounding an incident.

Driver Behavior Analysis

Whether vehicle operation information is available from vehicle recording devices, involved party and witness accounts, or both, we can analyze driver behavior for conformance with rules, regulations and known standards.

Regulatory Compliance

Commerical vehicle drivers are subject to various State and/or Federal regulations concerning the operation of their vehicle.  Employers of commerical vehicle drivers are also subject to State/Federal safety regulations.  In some instances, even drivers of non-commercial vehicles are subject to special State safety regulations.  We know these safety regulations and laws and can assess compliance with them given the circumstances of an accident and the operation profile of an operator.

Employers and companies are required to comply with occupational safety standards.  Interpretation of these requirements and standards vary widely.  We can help sort fact from fiction and discuss requirements and common sense standards.  

Safety Program Evaluation

The presence - or lack of - a meaningful safety management program has the potential to influence the occurrence of collisions and injuries.  Driver and employee hiring and management, training, collision and injury response, and fleet maintenance all play a part in the safety program for a transportation operation.  From the context of regulatory requirements to practiced standards, we can assess an organization’s safety management processes and procedures.

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