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Specializing in Commercial Fleet and Passenger Transportation Operations

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Motorcoach Driver Training Curriculum

A complete and comprehensive curriculum to train entry level motorcoach drivers.  The curriculum includes an instructor’s manual, a student manual, and a complete set of PowerPoint presentations.

This curriculum was funded by the Federal Highway Administration’s Office of Motor Carriers and is available on CD or via direct download.

Professional Driving Course for Motorcoach/Truck Operators

The Professional Driver Series has been developed by the Daecher Consulting Group and SPS Enterprises.  These programs are available in DVD and Interactive CD-ROM format, and have beed developed with the operator in mind.  Critical areas of learning are included in each program.  The series of training programs provide a solid foundation for preparing a person to operate the motorcoach of today, or to refresh experienced drivers in the basic critical information necessary to continue to driver efficiently and safely. 

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Dramatic Short Films for Teenage Drivers and Commercial Vehicle Operators

The Daecher Consulting Group is proud to announce the availability of three dramatic short films which vividly illustrate the consequences of inattentive driving.  Produced and co-developed by Industrial Learning Systems, these moving stories feature Hollywood quality production and emotional and stirring story lines about safety and the profound and tragic results of letting your guard down while you’re behind the wheel.  

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