Accident Investigation, Analysis & Reconstruction

Our staff has experience investigating and reconstructing all types of vehicle collisions and employee injuries. Our investigations can clear up questions and identify issues related to incidents through an objective, detailed analysis of facts and evidence. Our technical staff have all been specifically trained and educated in the field of accident reconstruction and/or workplace safety. Our staff collision reconstructionists are all accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accidents Reconstruction (ACTAR) - the only certification board for accident reconstructionists in the United States.

Accident Investigation
Immediate response to collision and injury scenes is the only sure way to document and preserve the evidence which will be important in analyzing the loss and its causation. Evidence disappears over time, including crucial vehicle evidence. If it is not documented or preserved properly, the accuracy of a post-incident analysis can be jeopardized.

Vehicle Data ["black box"] Interrogation
Many of today's vehicles contain parameter and operational data which can be utilized in an accident reconstruction or used to analyze driver actions surrounding specific events. This data is usually stored in air bag control modules in passenger vehicles or engine control and similar modules in commercial vehicles.

We have the technology, equipment and training to acquire this data and to interpret what it means in relation to an incident. While not all vehicles have data which can be downloaded by parties other than the manufacturer, many do - including almost all commercial vehicles. For more information:

Passenger Vehicle Information
Commercial Vehicle Information

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